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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marriage - My Sweetest Memory!!

Every one of us has different perspective opinions about Marriage. Though I have met people with a positive attitude towards marriage, I found majority considering Marriage a field of battles. According to me, Marriage is a sweet responsibility. It's all about understanding, loving and caring. Meeting my better half is like a dream come true for me.
The most frequently asked question to a recently married couple is obviously - "Howz life after marriage??" Almost every friend of mine in the recent past, asked me about my life after marriage. My answer - Awesome!! :-).
It’s been more than two months that I have been married and I should say I have piled up several sweet memories. It’s not at all easy to just pick one! Life has been wonderful till now. I personally feel, being happily married and having a memorable companionship is more important rather than just getting married.
It’s not so easy for a person to adjust with a completely new family. All thanks to my husband and my in-laws who have made me comfortable at the new place. I have to say - marriage is the sweetest memory that has happened to me. I consider myself lucky and thank God immensely for having blessed me with such a wonderful life-partner and a loving family.
All I would like to highlight is - One cannot choose one's parents. One cannot choose one's children. The only person whom one can choose is one's better half. Choose the right person,Be the right the person and life is surely going to be a bed of roses :-). Looking forward to have a happy and a successful married life :-). Special Thanks to all the well-wishers for making our wedding a wonderful and a memorable one to both our families :-).


  1. Congrats !! All the best for your future !!

  2. so true :) beautifully written. Wish you the same happy life all along :)