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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A day out with Colleagues!

Taking a day away from the routine hustle and bustle helps rejuvenate oneself. This practice, if employed at the corporate level, enlightens the employees to spend quality time with colleagues. Every year, we as a technology team of Capital IQ plan for a day out to a resort within the city. The fresher’s systematize and coordinate this process each year which helps them gain greater interaction with the other employees and also gives them an exposure to team work.
We (Capital IQ Technology Fresher’s 2010) started off with the preparations well in advance, as we had to plan out for the venue, transportation, food, the events to be conducted etc. After a lot of discussion, we finalized on 9th July at Lahari Resorts. A phenomenal poster was designed to convey the same. Apart from the events to be conducted at the resort, a few online contests like Logo Identification and Photo Quiz were conducted on 8th July to kick off the outing spirit. Almost all the employees participated in these events with great enthusiasm and excitement, and the winners were presented with prizes. Hearty Congratulations to the winners!
Finally the most awaited day arrived! We all started off in buses and cars around 12 noon, and had great time playing dumb-charades on the way. Within an hour, we reached Lahari Resorts, a Luxury Resort with a serene and an eco-friendly ambience. The resort was very well equipped with Swimming pools, Restaurants, a Cricket Stadium, a Play Area and several other leisure activities for all ages. We had a happy, joyful and a fun-filled day. At night, we had dinner and tapped our feet to the Disco, the best part of the outing. On the whole, every one of us enjoyed the perfect corporate destination.
Our effort was well appreciated at the end of the day! Hearty Congratulations to my co-fresher’s on the grand success of this major event, which is our first achievement as a team. We Rock! Special Thanks to Raghu Vamshi, Business Analyst at Capital IQ, who guided all of us in organizing and harmonizing the outing. Eagerly looking forward to enjoy the next one! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Academic Career!

Elated! Excited! There are two reasons as to why I am extremely overjoyed to tell about my academic career. First,I fulfilled my ambition by completing Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering. Second, I secured a good (frankly, huge) percentage in B.E. I always believe "Great Convictions are the mothers of Great Deeds. Success and Happiness are directly related to achievement of the Goal chosen.” Right from childhood, I always had the zeal to stand first in academics and so I am very much elated for having stood first in my Engineering.
My Past Academic Career! - Always a teacher's pet. I was an all-rounder at school where I participated in several extra-curricular activities and at the same time was very good at academics. As a result of my good conduct, during X Std., my teachers assigned me the Ministry of Education Portfolio (our school had a mock-parliament just like the Parliament of India). I secured 92.5 % in SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Board Exam and 98.1% in my Intermediate Public Exam. I also faired pretty well in competitive exams like EAMCET (Rank- 113) and AIEEE (AIR- 5227).
Coming to the present, I was lucky to get into University College of Engineering, Osmania University, one of the oldest and esteemed colleges in India where I enjoyed learning and studying. There were about 43 theory subjects, 25 practicals and 2 projects distributed among 8 semesters. I feel honored as I secured 90.81% in B.E, which was a result of my consistent effort and hard-work for 4 years. I also participated in several technical and non-technical events at college.
I have always maintained a balance in my career and I personally feel academics should be given importanceFeeling sad on one hand as my academic career has come to an end (as I have no plans of higher studies at least for a couple of years from now), I am happy on the other hand for having being blessed with a successful one. I thank my professors, lecturers, teachers, family, friends and well-wishers who have supported me all through-out. I am also greatly thankful to God for making me successful in all my endeavors.