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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Academic Career!

Elated! Excited! There are two reasons as to why I am extremely overjoyed to tell about my academic career. First,I fulfilled my ambition by completing Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering. Second, I secured a good (frankly, huge) percentage in B.E. I always believe "Great Convictions are the mothers of Great Deeds. Success and Happiness are directly related to achievement of the Goal chosen.” Right from childhood, I always had the zeal to stand first in academics and so I am very much elated for having stood first in my Engineering.
My Past Academic Career! - Always a teacher's pet. I was an all-rounder at school where I participated in several extra-curricular activities and at the same time was very good at academics. As a result of my good conduct, during X Std., my teachers assigned me the Ministry of Education Portfolio (our school had a mock-parliament just like the Parliament of India). I secured 92.5 % in SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Board Exam and 98.1% in my Intermediate Public Exam. I also faired pretty well in competitive exams like EAMCET (Rank- 113) and AIEEE (AIR- 5227).
Coming to the present, I was lucky to get into University College of Engineering, Osmania University, one of the oldest and esteemed colleges in India where I enjoyed learning and studying. There were about 43 theory subjects, 25 practicals and 2 projects distributed among 8 semesters. I feel honored as I secured 90.81% in B.E, which was a result of my consistent effort and hard-work for 4 years. I also participated in several technical and non-technical events at college.
I have always maintained a balance in my career and I personally feel academics should be given importanceFeeling sad on one hand as my academic career has come to an end (as I have no plans of higher studies at least for a couple of years from now), I am happy on the other hand for having being blessed with a successful one. I thank my professors, lecturers, teachers, family, friends and well-wishers who have supported me all through-out. I am also greatly thankful to God for making me successful in all my endeavors.


  1. Finally topper ka topper post :P

  2. Nice to see you're happy. Congrats :)

    Actually there was something which caught my eye - The title seems a little inappropriate. If I am not wrong, Academic Career refers to career prospects in the Academia like teaching, RA, etc. Anyways, the context is pretty clear from the post.

    On a whole, great work. Keep up the enthusiasm and best of luck for your future endeavors.

  3. Am happy for you Aishwarya! :)
    All the best!

  4. @Raghuveer: :D
    @Gautam: Thank you! Actually, I didn't go by the literal meaning of 'Academic Career'.As I was referring to my acads,I felt this title would be apt.
    @Madhulika: Thank you so much :)